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Apple Vision pro: Features, FAQ And More

by OnverZe

Apple unveiled the Vision Pro headset, a mixed-reality headgear that enables “spatial computing” through the use of the user’s eyes, voice, and hands. It is the company’s first significant new product in ten years. The headgear is viewed as the next development in personal technology, which hasn’t had a significant advance since the introduction of the iPhone more than ten years ago. Apple spent a lot of time Monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference describing the headgear and its capabilities. Whatever your initial thoughts about the headset may be, Vision Pro seems to be more than just futuristic ski goggles. The most typical queries concerning the Vision Pro are addressed below.

What is Vision pro ?

Apple’s first significant new product category in eight years is the Vision Pro. It’s a novel kind of headset that can be operated with the wearer’s hands, eyes, and voice—a significant feature that sets it apart from existing headsets. During the annual WWDC, Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked of the Vision Pro, “It’s the first Apple product you look through and not at,” adding that it symbolises “spatial computing” and adds “a new dimension to powerful personal technology.”

Does Vision Pro largely rely on augmented reality?

In essence, the Vision Pro is an augmented reality headgear that “seamlessly” combines the physical and virtual realms. The terms “mixed reality” and “virtual reality” were never used by Apple during the presentation. If you look closer, Apple’s focus with the Vision Pro is more on augmented reality (AR) and less on virtual reality (VR). 

Does the Vision Pro resemble other headsets differently?

The headgear has a glass 23-million-pixel screen that covers the top face and resembles a pair of ski goggles. The Vision Pro looks different from the majority of other headsets on the market, which are hefty and thick. It is a premium headset since it is covered with “aerospace grade alloys,” glass, and fabric. It should also offer a tighter, more comfortable fit than comparable headsets from its rivals because the facial interface is customizable. It also has a wearable computer that has to be cooled by a fan, five sensors, 12 cameras, a 4K display for each eye, and five more cameras and cameras. The Vision Pro can flip between full virtual reality and augmented reality, despite being marketed as an AR gadget.

Exactly what can the headset do?

With the help of the Vision Pro, users may consume and produce information in new ways in the surroundings. Users may see their own images or videos, play video games, and watch films, particularly in 3-D, with spatial audio that makes them feel as though they are in a movie theatre. For instance, the Vision Pro’s ability to display apps superimposed on actual surroundings is a crucial capability. To pick something using gestures, all they have to do is flip to navigate through the alternatives. Apple demonstrated throughout the presentation how users would be able to communicate with people when using FaceTime, for instance. The business emphasised that users will be able to use the headgear to take “spatial” 3-D recordings and images.

Apple's Vision Pro headset is powered by what?

The M2 processor powering Apple’s Macs also powers the Vision Pro. Additionally, the headset contains a unique R1 processor that enables it to broadcast visuals silently and without latency. The R1 also has EyeSight, a function that lets you see the person you are conversing with through the headset and presents realistic images of your eyes to people around you while you are wearing the headset. The Vision Pro is incomparably superior to other headsets on the market as a result.

Does the headset use iOS?

No. The “visionOS” used by the Vision Pro is proprietary software that Apple refers to as “the first OS designed from the ground up for spatial computing.” VisionOS shares similarities with iOS and macOS in terms of architecture, but it also includes a “real-time subsystem” for processing interactive graphics on the Vision Pro. Apple also guarantees that the Vision Pro will have its own App Store. The apps on the Vision Pro will, of course, be optimised for the three-dimensional (3D) interface and will no longer act the way they did on the iPhone. Additionally, visionOS makes use of the eye tracking capabilities of the headset and Optic ID, which enables users to utilise Apple Pay and autofill passwords while they operate the device. Apple promised that it wouldn’t divulge any of that information without your consent.

What is the battery life?

The external battery pack needed for the Vision Pro only lasts for around two hours before it needs to be recharged. The decision to use a separate battery suggests Apple intended to concentrate on keeping the headset’s fit and weight as low as possible. Given that headsets like the Quest Pro have batteries that make them cumbersome and heavy to use all day, this may seem like a natural approach. 

When can people purchase the Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro headset will be a 2024 product since Apple intends to release it to the general public very early next year. The Vision Pro headset’s initial retail availability will be restricted to the US, but Apple promised that it will eventually make the headset available in additional nations.

What is the price of the Vision Pro?

The price of the Apple Vision Pro is decided at $3,499. For reference, the Quest Pro mixed reality headset from Meta costs $1000. Apple is undoubtedly charging top cash for the headset, but developers and content producers won’t be deterred by the cost of the Vision Pro. 

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