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All-time top hits on Netflix

by OnverZe

Netflix has swiftly advanced from being the new kid on the block to maybe the finest source for all of the aforementioned when it comes to popular films, TV shows, or documentaries. In addition to hosting some timeless favourites, the media behemoth has started to create some big successes of their own. Top hits are listed below.

Squid Game

With over 100 million viewers and approximately US$900 million in impact value created, this Korean thriller quickly rose to prominence as one of the platform’s most popular productions. The programme provides evidence that English-language audiences are more than eager to watch foreign-language entertainment, in addition to its enormous commercial and critical success.

Bird Box

While Netflix is mostly renowned for its binge-worthy television series, it has also produced a number of blockbuster films, with Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box possibly being the most popular. Over 45 million users watched the psychological horror film in its first seven days of release. Strong memory users will recall that the movie was even released in the middle of December, when the majority of cinemas are occupied with Oscar contenders and those who binge-watched horror flicks in October had switched to Hallmark Christmas entertainment, making those statistics all the more amazing.


Anyone who thinks that a historical drama about a regency romance won’t appeal to a wide audience is ignorant of the type of magic that can occur when Netflix collaborates with Shonda Rhimes. Over 82 million people watched the show in its first month on the site, setting a record that lasted for over a year before Squid Game surpassed it.

The Queen’s Gambit

Although 62 million people tuned in to see it, a show about chess may not seem like the most exciting entertainment. One of the most popular projects in Netflix history, it is the most popular written miniseries on the service. Additionally, the programme dominated the awards season, taking home two Golden Globes and 11 Primetime Emmys.

The Irishman

Programmes on Netflix may be easily paused and restarted at a later time, which gives it an edge over movie theatres. This is especially beneficial when a 209-minute film is released, like with The Irishman. The Scorsese movie was nominated for several awards, including 10 Academy Awards.

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