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Morning exercises to reduce stiffness and tension

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What do you do first when morning light illuminates your bedroom? Stretching those sore muscles could help if you wake up with pains and aches. According to research, this easy exercise helps to promote circulation, improve posture, and increase flexibility. Are you prepared to try it out? Check out these simple stretches.

Cobra stretch

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From child’s pose to cobra stretch, it is simple to transition. On the mat, begin by lying on your stomach. Raise your head and chest by placing your hands just below your shoulders. Your spine should feel like it is being stretched out greatly. Hold this posture for about 15 seconds, then switch back to your lying down position.

Cat-cow stretch

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The cat-cow stretch will provide you with immediate relaxation if you’re carrying stress in your lower back, spine, or tummy. On a yoga mat, go down on all fours and inhale while lowering your tummy and arching your back. Exhale and raise your back so that it forms a curve. For a thorough stretch, alternate between positions a few times.

Child’s pose

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Child’s pose is an easy practise to incorporate into your daily routine. It stretches your spine, pelvis, legs, and hips. Place yourself on a yoga mat and tuck your legs under you. Feel your entire back being stretched as you lean forward. Touch the mat by extending your arms and hands forward. This stretch is excellent if you have a strange sleep pattern.


Experiencing lower back issues? The solution could be to incorporate a knee to chest stretch into your morning routine. Lay on your back to begin, and then lift one leg towards your chest. The knee should be bent, then held that way for a few seconds. Straighten the opposite leg. Next, alternate sides for a complete stretch that releases tension.

The warrior

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The warrior stretch is a potent exercise to incorporate into your daily routine since it strengthens your upper legs, shoulders, back, and arms. Start in the downward dog position and advance one foot until it is between your hands. Raise your arms towards the sky while standing up straight. Maintain a little lunge with your front leg while keeping your rear leg straight. After holding for ten seconds, execute the downward dog again.

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