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Yoga asanas that can help relax your mind

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Yoga is a stress relieving tool for people working in the corporate sector. The best part about yoga is that you can practise it and live a stress-free life even if you have no prior experience. It improves your mood and raises your happy hormones, resulting in peace of mind, calmness in the body, and ease.

Child pose

Yoga asanas that can help relax your mind

Child Pose is a yoga asana that requires kneeling. People with arthritis or gout should avoid doing this asana. Child Pose helps people with hypertension and anxiety. Sit on your knees and stretch your hands forward by bending forward. If your butt doesn’t touch your heels, that’s fine too. Remember, you’re here to practice for stress relief.

Cat and Cow stretch

Yoga asanas that can help relax your mind

Cat and Cow stretch is also known as Marjariasana-Bilalasana or Marjari Asana. It stretches your whole spine muscles and relieves your back pain. The best way to fix your back pain is to practice this asana with an expert. Pregnant moms can also practice this pose to relieve their stressed back.

Wide- leg forward bend

Naturopath and Founder of Yogymummy, Ankita Mahajan says, “Inversion postures have a calming effect on the mind and Wide- leg Forward Bend is just one of them. To do this, you need to stand on your yoga mat with a wide stance and do a forward bend down. You can also bend your elbows for a deeper bending. This will release your neck and head tension and make you feel lighter.”

Cobbler’s Pose

Yoga asanas that can help relax your mind

Cobbler’s Pose (Baddha konsasana) is a basic sitting yoga pose designed to release your mind and relax your muscles. This pose can be done by people who do not have knee pain, with the help of a good yoga teacher. This pose helps to release stored emotions and calms your mind when done correctly.

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