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The world’s first flying car has been approved by the US government

by OnverZe

The legal possibility of flying automobiles has finally materialised. Despite the fact that there have been vehicles that can fly, the majority of them lack the necessary regulatory approvals. They thus aren’t real, according to the law. Alef Aeronautics’ flying car prototype, however, has finally received the approvals it required from the US government.

For its flying Model A, which was presented in October 2022 and is almost ready for production, Alef Aeronautics has become the first firm to get restricted FAA Special Airworthiness Certification. The Federal Aviation Administration, sometimes known as the FAA, is the US government agency in charge of overseeing the airworthiness of all aircraft.

Policies are being developed for electric flying cars

The FAA is trying to create laws expressly for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, which is the technical word for electric flying cars. The FAA is actively keeping track of the development and growth of flying cars.

Alef has earned the distinction of being the first business to be given the Special Airworthiness Certificate by a US government body. This certificate places restrictions on the areas and uses for which the aircraft is allowed to fly, but it greatly aids developers in obtaining approvals and conducting test flights of their eVTOL.

In essence, Alef may start testing the Model A now that it has received FAA certification before releasing it to the public with its intended features.

“We are overjoyed to have obtained this FAA certification. It advances our goal of giving commuters a quicker, more environmentally responsible choice, saving people and businesses countless hours each week, according to CEO Jim Dukhovny. “This is only a small step for aeroplanes, but a giant leap for cars.”

The holder of this certificate shall, throughout the development and testing of the aircraft, notify the FAA of any failures, malfunctions, or defects in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations.

To guarantee the safety of the aforementioned vehicle and its appropriateness for operation inside authorised U.S. airspace for a variety of flights, including personal, restricted, light sport, experimental, and special purpose flights, the FAA adheres to a rigid protocol. A typical restriction on this certificate is that it prohibits commercial operation and passenger transport.

The Alef Model A

With the Alef Model A, customers have the unusual option of both flying over and driving on public roadways. The electric vehicle (EV) Model A can fly 110 miles (177 km) or drive 200 miles (approximately 322 km) on a single charge.

It is designed with eight propellers that are incorporated into the vehicle’s body. The automobile can accommodate up to two light passengers in its seats. Alef does, however, want to create larger-capacity flying vehicles in the future.

Alef claims that both people and businesses have flooded them with preorders for their flying electric vehicle. Customers who are interested in preordering the automobile can do so by paying $150 for a non-priority general line or $1,500 for a high-priority queue. The projected ultimate cost of the vehicle is $299,999.

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