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Snap and OpenAI are collaborating to bring ChatGPT-powered lenses to market

by OnverZe

In an innovative move, OpenAI and Snap, the creative parent company of Snapchat, have teamed up to bring in a new era of augmented reality (AR) experiences. A strategic alliance was unveiled at the sixth annual Lens Fest with the goal of enabling developers to easily include ChatGPT into their AR Lenses, opening up a world of inventive learning, conversational, and creative opportunities for Snapchatters.

Release of Lens Studio 5.0 Beta

Snap isn’t stopping there; to go along with this partnership, Lens Studio 5.0 Beta has been released. This cutting-edge AR development tool is set to revolutionize the process of creating visually striking Lenses. The launch of the ChatGPT Remote API, which gives Lens developers never-before-seen access to ChatGPT’s capabilities, is the main component of this development. This action represents a turning point in the development of augmented reality by potentially opening up a variety of immersive experiences.

It’s worth noting that Snap’s My AI chatbot is already powered by OpenAI’s GPT large language model, showcasing the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for user engagement.

It’s important to note that OpenAI’s GPT big language model already powers Snap’s My AI chatbot, demonstrating the company’s dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technology to increase user engagement.

3D Face Mask Generator

In keeping with its mission to promote creativity, Snap has released a 3D face mask generator. With this cutting-edge tool, users can combine the strength of Gen AI with Snap’s sophisticated face mesh capabilities to create custom, possibly viral self-expression Lenses. The process of creating lenses has become even more accessible to users as they can now realize their imaginative ideas in a matter of seconds.

Snap has said that 330,000 developers are actively working on improving its augmented reality platform, leading to the production of roughly 3.5 million Lenses, despite recent workforce layoffs. This figure demonstrates how active the AR community is on Snap, catering to both developers and hobbyists.

During its inaugural APAC AR Day in India, Snap further emphasized its focus on artificial intelligence. Ajit Mohan, President of Snap APAC, and CEO and Co-Founder Evan Spiegel praised the Indian maker community for its contributions to the AR space. Spiegel expressed hope that artificial intelligence (AI) will help remove obstacles to innovation, especially in the area of augmented reality.

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