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8 Google Travel Tips to Simplify Trip Scheduling

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There are hints to assist you in navigating, remaining organised, and saving money between Google Maps and Google Flights.

The hectic summer travel season has here, bringing with it challenges like airline changes and cancellations. You could be considering taking a car to your next vacation location with that in mind. If so, you should use Google Maps to plan your upcoming vacation. Other than that, Google Flights also has useful functions to simplify trip preparation a little.

You can use Google Flights to keep tabs on rates for any departure dates. Additionally, Google Maps can easily guide you in your search for food or coffee at the airport if you’re travelling for spring break but are unfamiliar with the area.

Continue reading to learn more about how Google can make your vacations more enjoyable.

Find out how much a flight will cost for whichever departure date

Google unveiled a tool on May 2 that would enable you to find the most affordable flights to your destination. Google will inform you if it notices lower than usual costs in the upcoming three to six months, so you can now start watching pricing to locate discounts for any period.

Simply enter your destination into Google Flights on your browser. Choose Any dates to obtain the greatest rate if you don’t have a certain date in mind for your trip.

Get about around malls, transportation stations, and airports

Google Maps is expanding its Directory tab to include all airports, shopping centres, and public transportation hubs in case you need to locate a store in a huge mall quickly. This can be useful if you’re rushing through the airport looking for a spot to dine or picking up a last-minute gift before your trip. You can see the location’s hours of operation and floor on the tab. You can search through dining establishments, shops, bars, and parking lots.

View Google Maps to determine how crowded a location is

The business tool in Google Maps has received a new feature from Google. There was already a chart that displayed the density of people in an area, such as a company, when you searched for it. With the introduction of the new Area Business function, you can now observe when entire map regions are crowded with people.

To utilize the new function, use the Google Maps application on your Android or iPhone (or access the Google Maps website on your computer) and wander about the map to find a general region, such as downtown, a river walk, or a small nearby town. You no longer need to specifically search for a location to see how crowded it is because the busyness information will now automatically appear on the map. When you click for more information, Google Maps may state something like “Busy Area” and then, for instance, “As busy as it gets.”

Monitor your travel plans using Google Maps

Instead of having to trawl through your email looking for check-in timings and confirmation numbers, Google Maps can easily display your flight, hotel, car rental, and restaurant reservations.

You can view your upcoming reservations here:

1. Click Saved in the bottom menu row of Google Maps.

2. Click on Reservations. You can see a list of your upcoming reservations here that Maps has retrieved from your Gmail emails.

3. Click on an item to view further information about the reservation, such as the time and place.

4. To view a list of the appointments you’ve made, type “my reservations” into the Google Maps search bar.

Make a reservation for a restaurant directly from Google Maps

Planning a night out for dinner with a big party can be difficult, especially if you go during a busy time. You can make a reservation for lunch or dinner using Google Maps. How? Read on.

1. To view a list of restaurants, hit the Restaurants option in Maps at the top of the map.

2. Pick a restaurant that seems decent, and if it has the option, book a table or sign up for a waitlist in the window that appears (not all do).

Remember that you can choose the location that is least crowded by using the business function stated above. Also keep in mind that even if a restaurant isn’t open for dine-in, it can still provide delivery, curbside pickup, or outdoor sitting.

Use offline Google Maps

Are you travelling to a rural area where a mobile network connection might not be available? When you’re offline, Google Maps can still provide instructions for you.

1. Look up the address where you need directions in Maps before you go.

2. Open the menu at the bottom of the location’s window.

3. Select Download from the tabs on the right, then select it once more in the following box. Your phone will receive a map of the location you chose from Maps.

Now, when you use Google Maps to get directions in the area for which you downloaded a map, it will switch to the offline map to lead you if your cellular connection is lost. Be aware that Maps won’t be able to provide real-time traffic information while you’re offline.

Wherever you go, locate gas stations and EV charging stations

Google Maps can help you locate EV charging stations along your route and provide you with an anticipated wait time for a charging port whether you’re driving your electric vehicle for errands like shopping, dining, or vacation. To view only the stations that work with your EV, you may also filter your search by connector type, such as J1772, CCS (Combo 1 or 2), and Tesla. Notably, you may use the same methods to look for petrol stations. (These tips will help you save money at the gas pump.)

1. In Maps, select More by navigating through the tabs at the top of the screen.

2. Select Electric car charging in the Services section by scrolling down.

3. Nearby charging stations and their availability are shown on maps.

4. To have Maps add a charging station as a stop on your travel, tap it on the map.

This method can also be used to look for other locations along your path, such as a coffee shop.

Google Maps allows you to share where you are

Is there anything more annoying during a group activity than when everyone gets separated and can’t be found? You could all reunite using Google Maps.

1. In Google Maps, select Location sharing by tapping your profile icon in the top right corner.

2. Select who you want to share your location with and how long you want to share it by tapping Share location.

3. Select Share, and Google Maps will notify others you’ve chosen of your location.

4. Hit the icon for the person whose location you wish to see at the top of the display, then tap Request.

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