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5 Fascinating Facts About Perplexity AI, the Jeff Bezos-backed AI Search

by OnverZe

Perplexity AI has experienced considerable growth in the artificial intelligence industry, having raised over $73 million in a recent funding round. With leading investors like Nvidia and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on board, Perplexity AI is now valued at $530 million.

It’s founder, Aravind Srinivas, aims to challenge Google’s dominance in the search engine market by introducing an AI-based search engine that provides direct answers, eliminating the need to browse through web search pages.

Srinivas stated in an interview with Reuters that Google is becoming outdated and will be seen as a thing of the past. He believes that when search engines can directly answer users’ questions, the traditional format of displaying blue links will become unnecessary.

Perplexity AI, an AI-powered search engine, has recently raised $100 million in funding. Investors such as Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, Guillermo Rauch, and Balaji Srinivasan have contributed to this amount. Read on to find out more about this innovative search engine.

"Perplexity AI: Everything you need to know."

• Perplexity AI is a search engine powered by artificial intelligence. Its main goal is to provide users with straightforward answers to their questions without having to go through multiple links on a Google search page. The answers provided by Perplexity AI are accompanied by hyperlinks to the websites where the information was gathered.

• Perplexity runs on large language models OpenAI and Anthropic, and offers a chatbot-like interface to make the user experience simpler, aiding natural language. The company claims to deliver better results than ChatGPT.

• In its free version, Perplexity uses OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 to answer user queries. It differentiates itself from Google and Microsoft by not displaying links while answering questions, emphasizing accuracy and transparency.

• Perplexity AI goes beyond a simple search engine by offering a variety of tools. The Swiss Army Knife, one of its tools, can provide solutions to a wide range of factual and conceptual inquiries.

• Perplexity AI is primarily utilized for academic research, content marketing, business intelligence, and educational tools due to its accuracy and precise answers. Currently, Perplexity is free to use. However, there is also a Pro version available that utilizes GPT-4 and Claude-2, which is offered for a monthly subscription of $20.

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