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Israel declares “war” with Hamas amid “surprise attack”

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An unprecedented and “surprise” attack on Israel by the Palestinian Islamist terrorist group Hamas prompted the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) to begin Operation “Iron Swords.” The Gaza Strip’s governing Hamas organisation fired roughly 5,000 rockets towards Israel on Saturday in a multi-front offensive.

During the incident, hundreds of Hamas terrorists sneaked into Israeli land via paragliders and the separation barrier and opened fire on the residents, leaving 22 people dead and several more injured. The number of fatalities from the strike by the Palestinian terrorist organisation is sure to increase. 

Israel declares "war" and begins "Iron Swords" operation

Israel declares "war" with Hamas amid "surprise attack"
Israel-Palestine latest: Smoke rises following Israeli strikes in Gaza

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged revenge and proclaimed a “state of war” in his first speech following the Hamas attack. Netanyahu has also stated that Hamas’s strike on Israel was a “grave” error. “Israeli citizens, we are at war. The adversary will suffer an extraordinary cost. The battle will be won, according to PM Netanyahu.

Israel’s defence forces have begun to attack Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip as a huge form of reprisal. ‘Iron Swords’ is the name of the counteroffensive. The Israel Defence Forces said that they were now attacking Hamas sites in Gaza in response to the barrage of rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza at Israel.

Attack by Hamas 'IN DEFENCE OF AL-AQSA'

Israel declares "war" with Hamas amid "surprise attack"
Palestinians wave their national flag and celebrate by a destroyed Israeli tank at the Gaza Strip fence east of Khan Younis southern on October 7, 2023

Hamas has said that during their incursion into Israel, they “captured” troops and civilians. Additionally, Hamas made public several images of their guerrillas infiltrating Israel and an IDF post at the Gaza border. The commander of Hamas said in a statement that the group attacked Israeli land “in defence of Al-Aqsa,” which Israeli settlers had just seized.

Videos showed Hamas members parading through the streets in what seemed to be seized Israeli military vehicles and of at least one dead Israeli soldier in Gaza being dragged and trampled by an enraged throng of Palestinians yelling “God is Great” were widely shared on social media.

A video shows Hamas terrorists pulling up in an SUV and firing at a different vehicle carrying people. Another video depicted senior Hamas leaders praying while watching footage of the terrorist assault on Israel on a TV next to them.

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