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Everything you need to know about Meta’s Threads App

by OnverZe

Threads, a Twitter clone unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg, aims to win over users put off by the alterations Elon Musk made to the social network. The social media brawl between the billionaires is going to intensify.

We had a chance to test out and interview Meta’s free text conversation-focused software before it went live late on Wednesday. We discovered that Meta has several advantages over competitors to transform Threads into a significant new centre for online discourse.

Most importantly, it comes with a potential audience of billions of people who currently use Instagram, which is built on top of Meta’s photo- and video-focused platform. After the launch, Zuckerberg said on Threads that 5 million people had signed up for the new social network in the first four hours. Mastodon and Bluesky, two potential Twitter competitors, have only reached millions of users.

However, Threads also has the same Meta baggage as other social networks owned by Mark Zuckerberg, like Facebook, in terms of privacy, moderation, and algorithmic feed practises. As an illustration, when you first log in to Threads, it starts recommending posts from businesses and accounts that you may not even wish to see or follow.

What about Threads is original and cliched? How do you try it out, then? Answers are included below, and we’ll update them as we discover more.

How can I log into Threads?

To join Threads, you must have an Instagram account. Once your account has been created, you may download the Threads app for iOS or Android. (Meta said that joining Threads directly on the web would also be possible, but it doesn’t currently appear to be functioning.) Your Instagram username will also be used for your Threads account.

You have the choice to automatically follow every account you now follow on Instagram when you initially use the app, or you may pick only a few of them. To watch how this develops, we’re curious: What proportion of Instagram accounts you follow for their jaw-dropping photos and accounts you want to read for their text or witty commentary on politics and TV are similar to each other?

Additionally, because of this approach, you are not instantly followed on Threads by your current Instagram friends and followers. You’ll need to start that audience’s growth from scratch.

Additionally, it should be noted that at launch, Threads will not be accessible in Europe, where Meta just received a record-breaking $1.3 billion punishment from the Irish Data Protection Commission for violating the continent’s privacy laws. Some of the Meta’s data-sharing and privacy practises are also called into question by the new Digital Markets Act in the area.

Does Threads operate in a similar manner as Twitter?

Meta went over and beyond to assure us that Threads is not a Twitter ripoff. “Threads is a brand-new software that emphasises text and conversation. According to Connor Hayes, a vice president of Meta’s product line, “and the way that we think about this is that we’re modelling it after what Instagram has done for photo and video.”

But Threads functions quite similarly to Twitter in many aspects. Your “threads” (posts), which are restricted to 500 characters apiece, are largely focused on text-based interactions. You can react to other people’s posts and mention other users in threads by using the @ sign in front of their username. By pressing a button, you may also quote or “repost” someone else’s conversations on Twitter. Should we refer to a thread of threads as a knit then?

What distinguishes this from Twitter? Direct texting is not a standalone feature at launch. Additionally, you have a little bit more control over who may view the content you upload.

Unlike Twitter, Threads does not support hashtags or trending topics, and you cannot modify threads once they have been posted.

Can I upload pictures and videos to a threads?

However, they do not appear as Instagram posts or Reels when they are included in Threads. Instagram videos and photographs may also be shared on Reels, but they just appear as ordinary links. The two applications don’t have native integrations with one another.

What privacy practises does Threads employ?

Thread accounts have the same public and private settings as Twitter. You may change the groups who can reply to everyone, just the accounts you follow, or only the accounts you name in the message on a public post.

However, Threads is just as hungrily pursuing your personal information as Instagram does, including gathering information on your location and the things you look at and do within the programme. Assume that when you register for a Threads account, Meta will have access to all the information that Facebook and Instagram have collected about you over time, both on and off of their applications, in order to target adverts and personalise your experience.

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