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Common Myths About Dieting That Everyone Must Be Aware Of

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Common Myths About Dieting That Everyone Must Be Aware Of

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Dieting comes with a lot of fictional assumptions that are often considered true by fitness-loving people. The misconceptions can be risky and hence must be cleared out. We have narrowed down some of the common myths about dieting below: 

1. Regular food intake is not necessary

Do not skip the food period. There can be a lot of advice that not eating for long periods is the basic step of dieting. But, that’s not true at all. The regular intake of food is a must to maintain the metabolism of the body. Skipping the food can have a direct impact on the metabolism and lead to health issues.

Not eating for a few hours can be fine but avoiding it for the whole day can be risky in all aspects. The ideal practice is to keep a gap of 3-4 hours in between the meals so that the fat-controlling hormones return to normal working. 

2. Going gym allows you to eat anything

All regular gym-goers can relate to the point that they can eat whatever they like. The workout and burning calories in the gym don’t justify that you end up eating anything.

It’s wrong to consider that the gym or exercise is to make up for the sitting time or intake of heavy calories. Your entire gym effort will be in vain and the weight loss plan will also deficit due to gained calories. 

3. Weight loss is the same every month

This is another myth that we lose the same amount of weight every month with similar diet plans and exercise levels. Weight loss depends on the fat metabolism in the body that works at a slow pace. 

If you’ve been facing the overweight problem for a long time, it will also need time to lose as well. There might be some weeks you will be able to lose weight while not in others. The metabolism rate keeps resetting to the normal level and hence the weight loss goals can’t be achieved in the fixed duration. 

4. Sugar is higher in skim milk than full cream milk

A majority of health enthusiasts are preferring to intake the natural state of foods. In the same regard, there is one myth that skim milk has more sugar levels as compared to full cream milk. But, that’s not true at all. Skim milk is neither more processed nor contains higher sugar levels when compared to full cream milk. The full cream milk has been swapped with skim milk globally. It is receiving high recommendations and that has led to this myth.

The full cream milk has a higher fat quantity that makes it perfect for slim and fit individuals, especially those who don’t have any heart diseases. But, for those who had a history of heart disease, skim milk having a reduced fat level is highly recommended.

We hope the shared information serves to resolve some misconceptions related to dieting and helps you to organize a foolproof weight loss plan. 

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