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foods to avoid if you have a headache

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Headaches can also be treated at the dinner table. It is well known, in fact, that some foods can promote this annoying disorder, which can often significantly compromise the quality of life. Some foods, in some particularly sensitive people who are prone to headaches, can actually cause or worsen the condition. As a result, such people should limit or eliminate these foods (and beverages) from their diet entirely. Obviously, the best advice is to contact your doctor if the disorder is frequent or constant, or if you suspect it is a symptom of another condition that needs to be investigated further.

Avoid drinking too much coffee

Excessive coffee consumption can cause headaches. People who are predisposed to this disorder should avoid drinking too much coffee, as excessive amounts may cause anxiety.

Don't overdo it on the sausages

The reason we recommend limiting your consumption of sausages is that they may contain nitrites, which are preservatives used to ensure that the sausages retain their flavour and colour. Nitrites can cause headaches in some people who are particularly sensitive to them.

Alcohol, obviously in small amounts

Because of the presence of sulfites and histamine, alcohol can cause headaches in some people. Alcohol abuse can also cause headaches, but it should be avoided because it can have a slew of other negative consequences.

Monosodium glutamate should be avoided

Monosodium glutamate is present in stock cubes, soups, and a variety of packaged foods. It appears to be capable of causing headaches, particularly when combined with liquid foods. If you are particularly sensitive to it, it is best to avoid it by carefully reading food labels.

Gluten is a source of concern for celiacs

Those with celiac disease should avoid gluten as well because it causes headaches in celiac patients. In non-celiacs, however, there was no link between the onset of headaches and gluten consumption.

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