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Amazing Satellite Image Of “Deception Island” Shared By NASA

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One of the few sites on earth where ships may sail right into the heart of an active volcano is Deception Island, which sits off the Antarctic Peninsula.

Space enthusiasts are mesmerised by the breathtaking photos of our cosmos that the space agency NASA often takes. For those who enjoy seeing instructional movies and beautiful photographs depicting Earth and space, the NASA Instagram account is a gold mine.

On Sunday, NASA Earth posted a satellite photograph of “Deception Island” on Instagram. Notably, Deception Island, which is off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, is one of the few locations on earth where ships may sail right up to an active volcano. Port Foster, a port, and the volcano’s flooded crater are all encircled by the horseshoe-shaped island.

The image’s description said, “Satellite image of Deception Island surrounded by blue ocean water,” according to NASA. The area is rough and steep, with some peaks sporting white snow. The island is fashioned like a horseshoe. Ships can enter the harbour in the centre of the island through an aperture at the bottom where the blue waters are.

The island may be seen in the above image, which was taken by Landsat 8 on March 23, 2018, when the volcano’s summit was visible. One of the two active volcanoes near Antarctica, Deception Island has erupted more than 20 times during the 19th century.

Deception Island is the most visited tourist destination in Antarctica, with more than 15,000 tourists annually despite being one of the world’s most remote locations. Due to the fact that it is not totally covered in ice, tourists may go on excursions, spend time at the beach, and relax in geothermal pools. The island is home to one of the biggest rookeries of chinstrap penguins in the whole globe.

In addition, the island was used as a whaling and seal-hunting station from 1906 to 1931 and a British military outpost during World War II, according to Brittanica. Scientific research sites are also located on the island, albeit some of them were destroyed by previous volcanic activity.

The photograph piqued the interest of online users, who left a range of remarks. ”Wow. One person replied, “That’s awesome,” and another added, “If you look at Google Maps Street View there, you can discover penguins on a spur of the trip. incredibly cute.

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