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Asteroid Bennu will strike Earth with a force equivalent to 22 atomic bombs : NASA

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Every day we encounter a wide range of weird stories online, and end-of-the-world prophecies have consistently appeared in these claims. Such predictions have been made by several ancient calendars, but none have come true to date. Despite the fact that many people consider them as hazy and improbable, these news reports and prophecies frequently strike terror in people’s hearts. However, such forecasts frequently have greater authority and credibility when they are made by NASA.

Widespread interest has been aroused by the recent report that an asteroid called Bennu is predicted to strike Earth in 159 years, especially on September 24, 2182, triggering global extinction.

 Bennu asteroid will strike Earth with a force equivalent to 22 atomic bombs : NASA

Despite the prevalence of viral forecasts, agencies like NASA have been closely watching space for years. They have finally identified the day that a massive asteroid is anticipated to crash Earth and cause devastating effects.

The ‘Inside History’ Instagram account, which posts pictures of asteroids hitting the Earth’s surface, posted this revelation. Even the force has been estimated by scientists, who compare it to 22 atomic bombs. However, NASA stressed that even while there is a possibility, there is a very little chance that Bennu would really strike Earth on September 24, 2182, 159 years from now.

There is no immediate cause for concern as this date occurs at the end of the 22nd century. Half as large as the asteroid thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, Bennu orbits the Earth every six years. Bennu’s impact would wreak havoc within a 600-mile radius of the crash site, but it wouldn’t be large enough to bring about mass extinction. Bennu’s trajectory is being actively modified by NASA in an effort to prevent a collision. Currently, the mission is nearing its conclusion.

One user sarcastically responded to the message by saying, “I’ll probably be long gone by then, but thanks for the heads up.” Then someone else said, “Well, blessings to whoever’s around; they should save this post to repost in the future.” Many other people in the comment area used a variety of emojis to convey their disbelief.

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