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Fun facts about McDonald’s that you might not know

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In its more than 50-year history, McDonald’s has sold billions of sandwiches, established thousands of restaurants around the globe, and grown to become one of the most well-known and recognisable global brands in the world. Ray Kroc, who saw the enormous potential of a restaurant in San Bernardino, California, run by the McDonald brothers in the 1950s, took the initiative to create McDonald’s, which has come to be synonymous with capitalism and globalisation throughout the world. This fast food establishment is riddled with mysteries. Did you know that the blue symbol is only used by one restaurant in the entire world? And that there is a list of the world’s most attractive people? We all know that McDonald’s is much more than just a place to buy hamburgers.

Specialised architecture and furnishings based on location

Not your typical log cabin, this one. A wood-carved bear and a mounted moose head are among the unusual decorations in the Wisconsin McDonald’s restaurant’s spacious and cosy interior. In many cases, McDonald’s facilities are absolutely unique and beautiful architecture rather than standard prefabricated buildings.

Roswell has a McDonald's shaped like a spaceship

This flying saucer-shaped McDonald’s, which is situated in the “Alien Capital of the World,” lights up at night with holographic lights outlined on the outside of the structure to complete the theme. Another lovely illustration of how McDonald’s continues to design amazing places.

Every second, McDonald's sells 75 sandwiches

The average sandwich consumption is 4500 per minute, 270,000 per hour, 6.5 million per day, and 2.36 billion annually. Around the world, there are more than 40,000 eateries.

Portugal is home to the most stunning McDonald's in the world

Due to its stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers, intricate carvings along the walls and ceilings, and arched entrance, this McDonald’s, which is housed in the former Cafe Imperial building in Porto, Portugal, is frequently referred to as the most beautiful McDonald’s in the entire world. According to a ranking created by “Architectural Digest,” it is also regarded as the most stunning building in the entire world.

The movie "The Founder" tells the story of McDonald's

A movie about the history of McDonald’s was made in 2016 under the direction of John Lee Hancock, with Michael Keaton playing Ray Kroc, the company’s founder.

There are ten nations where McDonald's is not allowed

There is no single cause, but McDonald’s is prohibited in each of these nations for a particular reason. Bermuda, Iran, Macedonia, Iceland, North Korea, Bolivia, Jamaica, Montenegro, Barbados, and Ghana are the nations in question.

Every day, 68 million people eat at McDonald's

Additionally, those who order milkshakes, one-euro sandwiches, or perhaps just fries and a soft drink are included in this statistic.

The world's only McDonald's has a turquoise sign

The only McDonald’s with a turquoise logo is in Sedona. With its earthy red and brown tones, this Arizona location has a Southwestern vibe as well. The colour turquoise was selected purely to complement the stunning red rocks and surrounding Sedona desert.

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