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The Most Deleted App of 2023: What You Need to Know

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Some well-known social media platforms are losing traction while the global user base—which was last estimated to be at 4.8 billion—continues to grow. Studies show that consumers interact with six to seven distinct platforms monthly on average, and they spend about two hours and twenty-four minutes a day on them.

Even though millions of people rely on social media programs in their daily lives, their popularity might quickly decline. The US-based software company TRG Datacentres released research claiming that since its July 2023 launch, Meta’s Threads app—which amassed 100 million users in only five days—has had an 80% decline in daily active users.

The organization conducted a study on well-liked applications that lost popularity this year because, according to the report, several social networking apps had difficulty remaining relevant throughout the year.

Globally, people choose to delete Instagram this year over other social media apps, according to the report. As to the report, people were most willing to remove Instagram from their accounts. In 2023, there will be more than a million searches for “how to delete (my) Instagram account” globally per month. This equates to more than 12,500 searches for every 100,000 individuals worldwide.

TRG Datacenters Chief Technical Officer Chris Hinkle stated, “Instagram’s ranking as the most deleted app in 2023 echoes a shifting landscape in social media preferences.” “It indicates a demand for platforms that resonate more authentically and meet changing needs, as well as a dynamic shift in user priorities.”

How was the research conducted?

According to Statista.com, the nine most widely utilized social networks globally were used by the researchers. These were the programs that could be used across borders. Afterward, they examined data over 12 months to determine the average number of times people searched for “how to delete (my) account.” This was carried out in conjunction with the user count for each app. Subsequently, the researchers employed the world population to calculate the ratio of monthly searches for particular phrases to one million persons.

10,20,000 persons sought to remove Instagram in 2023, 1,28,500 deleted Snapchat, 12,300 deleted Twitter, 71,700 deleted Telegram, 49,000 deleted Facebook, 24,900 deleted Tiktok, 12,500 deleted YouTube, 4,950 deleted WhatsApp, and 2,090 deleted WeChat.

For years, Instagram, the photo-sharing software from Meta, was the best in its field. The researchers believe that users may have been less interested in using the app as a result of changes made over time, an increase in advertisements, and influencers utilizing it as a platform to promote brands. It should be mentioned that there are still more than 2 billion users on the site globally. The popular app may face demise in the future, according to the experts, if a million users still look forward to uninstalling it every month.

However, since its introduction in 2011, some 1,30,000 users have attempted to remove the app. There are almost 750 million users of the Gen Z-friendly platform worldwide.

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