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“Watch Video: Ten Most haunted Indian urban legends”

by OnverZe

India has more history than other nations combined and as always, creepy stories come with history and a few of them are frightening. If you’re ready, let’s dive in to see the Top 10 Frightening Indian Urban Legends.

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Beginning at number 10 we have The Muhnochwa

In 2002, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was held by a panicked frenzy. Locals had reported seeing the Muhnochwa – a beast that’s title generally translates to The Face Scratcher. It would allegedly sprint through the thin air at night like a UFO, transmitting red and green beans of light. When it got near, it would slash their face with steel claws, leaving profound scratches that burnt and bled. As the panic spread, the speculations started. A few said that it was an irate spirit or an elemental animal. Pakistan’s intelligence agency indeed chipped in to recommend it was a chemically built creepy crawly. Whatever it was, People were so frightened that they held special ceremonies called Havan at their nearby temples to ward away The Face Scratcher – some still believe that it may return one day.

Following up at number 9 we have Nale-Ba.

In the 90s, there were reports of a witch visiting residences in Bangalore India. It would come at night, thumping on the door and calling out to the individual. What is more frightening is that it was said to utilize the voice of one of their relatives, particularly their moms. In the event that they opened the door, they’d die within 24 hours. As panic spread, rumors of a remedy did as well. A few said to type in “Nale-Ba” on the main gate. Meaning “come tomorrow” – so the witch would see the sign and return the next day. For a long time, this became a tradition that locals followed- a way of warding off evil spirits. Some people say that Nale-Ba has been overlooked  and forgotten by the young generation, and as they have stopped practicing the tradition, the evil spirit may return again.

Next up at number 8 we have The Wolves of Pavagada.

In 1983, many young girls below the age of 5 were taken away at night in the village of Pavagada. They were taken right beneath their parents’ noses but no one saw who or what did it. In an instance, villagers found a pool of blood and the dress of the lost child. The footprints of a creature were found and the police dogs tracked the sent back to a cave, its entrance blocked by a big wall of bricks. The police claimed that man eating wolves were behind the attacks. Others didn’t believe it, as why would all the targets be young girls – all of them were the only girls of their parents. Why were they always taken while their parents were sleeping and why were there no drag marks on the ground? One father indeed reported that the creature threw stones at him. This made some locals believe that the children were actually taken by a cult practicing of black magic, who were using them as human sacrifices to the Goddess Kali. To this day, the case remains a mystery. 

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Next at number 7 we have The Milk Miracle.

About 20 years ago, a rumor started spreading around India that lord Ganesh idols all over the country were drinking milk. When individuals held a spoon or bowl of drain to the lips of the icons, the drain would gradually disappear. Within a few hours the news had spread out of India. Hindu temples within the UK, Canada and the USA claimed to experience the same phenomenon. Hindu organizations reported that a supernatural occurrence was happening. A few researchers have claimed it was caused by a blend of surface pressure, the capillary impact and affirmation inclination. What do you all think?

At number 6 we have Jhalak Dikhlaja.

It was a popular Hindi song by a famous Indian musician back in 2006. It overwhelmed the music charts for weeks but among all the buildup, there were a few darker stories joined to it. Some individuals claimed that the song was drawing in the spirits of the dead. Within the little town of Bhalej, local people claimed that one of the verses was acting as a call for ghosts and spirits. They said that some people were becoming possessed by evil spirits after hearing the song and were reaching out to the local priest for help. Also, it was claimed that listening to the song within the nearby graveyard was particularly causing the issue. At the end, fear of the song developed so much that the town really banned it – no one was permitted to play it. Probably the belonging ceased – what do you all think of that? Can a song on the radio be cursed?

At number 5 we have the Monkey Man.

In 2001, some people in Delhi claimed that an ape-like creature was seen roaming the streets at night. It was said to be attacking people passing by. Description of the Monkey Man varied but it was almost four feet tall, covered in thick dark hair, with a metal protective cap, metal claws, shining red eyes and 3 buttons on the chest. Several individuals claimed to have been scratched, and a few even said to have slipped from the balconies, stairwells and roof tops in panic and died. It’s been a long time since the occurrence but a few individuals still claim the monkey man is still out there and might assault some day.

Kuldhara is number four on the list.

This 13th-century Indian town enjoyed prosperity for hundreds of years before everyone vanished in the early 19th century. Some historians claimed years later that the scarcity of water or high taxation on the people were to reason, but the mythology is much darker. People claim that a stunning girl from the village caught the attention of the area’s chief. He dispatched his guards to pressure the villagers into turning the girl over. The guards were asked to return the following morning, and while they were gone, the residents abandoned the entire community. After that, the village chief cursed the abandoned village, promising that everyone who lives there will die.

Mande-Burung comes in at number three.

This is considered by many as the Indian version of the American bigfoot. A monster resembling an ape called the Mande-Burung is supposed to live in Northeast India’s subtropical woods. A big, hairy, bipedal humanoid has been described as what it is. The locals refer to him as the Man of the Jungle and claim to have witnessed it for many years. But more frequently, they hear the unusual sounds of the animal resonating throughout the rice fields. Some claim that it is over 600 pounds in weight and 10 feet tall. Some hunters found Two hairs in the forest and gave them to a renowned British primatologist in 2008. After the inspection Ian Redmond stated they resembled human, chimpanzee, gorilla, or Yeti hair. What do you all think?

Next up at Number 2 we have The White Lady of Sanjay Van.

People have claimed to have seen a ghostly woman dressed in a white sari in the south Delhi jungle. Before vanishing, she is rumored to stroll amid the banyan trees. According to other sources, she was spotted hanging from trees, and this is what caused her death. She comes alive at night when those leaves start glowing, according to a local. Such beautiful ghosts exist here. Personally, I wouldn’t characterize them as beautiful. She’s also rumored to wave at people before vanishing. I would definitely say “no” to that.

And finally at number one, the Onion Witch. 

A number of deaths were allegedly connected to rumors of a witch visiting residences in Delhi in 2005. Rumor has it that a witch dressed as a hungry woman rang doorbells and requested an onion. When the onion is handed to her  she slices it in half and blood spills out. The onion donor then realizes what has unfolded and dies instantly. Some claim there were three witches instead of simply one. To fend off the witches, locals started painting henna and turmeric palm patterns on doors, and some still fear about their return.


So there you have it.

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