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5 Places Around the World You Must Visit

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It can be tough to narrow down a list of the top locations to visit in the world because there are so many wonderful places to see. Where would you take a tourist who has never travelled outside of his or her native town for any reason?

Great cities, such as New York, Paris, and London, must be included on any list of the world’s top places to visit, as each offers a plethora of particular sights or must-see attractions. The list also contains individual places, monuments, and locales, all of which are worth seeing on their own.

1. Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, high in Peru’s Andes mountains, is today thought to have been a revered royal retreat for the Incan monarchs. The secluded site, which was built in the 15th century AD and abandoned less than a century later, continues to astound visitors with its precisely linked, mortarless, exquisite stonework. Without the use of mortar or cement, massive multi-ton blocks of stone are properly linked together.

The journey to Machu Picchu usually begins at the highland city of Cusco, which served as the Inca Empire’s capital. Cusco is a fantastic city to visit, so plan on staying there for a few days before or after your Machu Picchu journey.

The Inca Trail can be hiked from Cusco to Machu Picchu. The entire trip takes five days, but you can start at a shorter distance and perform a one-, two-, or three-day hike along the trail. The majority of visitors travel by train from Cusco, which takes approximately three and a half hours.

2. Rome, Italy

The Eternal City resembles a massive, living museum. Thousands of years of history are immersed and surrounds visitors. It’s a small city, so a three-day plan will allow you to explore the most important sights.

The Colosseum and surrounding Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and Vatican City, a separate country in the middle of central Rome, are all must-see sites for any visitor.

Spend some time exploring Rome’s outskirts as well. Consider a trek along a portion of the Appian Way, the ancient Roman expressway, that is lined with tombs, as well as a visit to one of the city’s aqueduct remnants.

If you become tired of travelling and want to relax, the Lazio Coast boasts a superb selection of beach villages just a short drive from Rome. Bathe in the cold waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea to escape the city’s heat and bustle.

3. Maui, Hawaii

Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities on this Hawaiian island. Surfing, dining on the beach at a five-star luxury resort in Wailea, horseback riding across a dormant volcano in Haleakala National Park, and hiking through a rainforest in the West Maui Mountains are all options. The natural environment is breathtaking; it is truly one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

From rustic hippie bungalow bed and breakfasts to five-star luxury resort hotels, there is something for everyone here when it comes to lodging. Wailea is the oceanfront Beverly Hills of Maui, with all the premium resorts. If you’re staying here, make an effort to get out and about in Kihei, where the locals congregate.

4. New Zealand

This island nation is one of the world’s top places to visit, thanks to its outstanding natural beauty, friendly population, and recent notoriety as a filming location for the Lord of the Rings movie (among others). The biodiversity is incredible, and New Zealand is thought to be one of the last places on Earth to have human residents.

Begin your journey in Auckland, the capital city, with its culture, history, and museums. Spend some time on the sea and at the beach at Waitemata Harbour, which features beaches as well as a variety of sailing and boating activities.

Visit Rotorua to learn about and experience indigenous Maori culture, and Queenstown to sample the country’s diverse spectrum of outdoor extreme activities. Remember, here is the birthplace of bungee leaping.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

Another place with a superb blend of culture, food, and history is Turkey’s capital city. Thousands of years of history may be found here, beginning with the Ancient Greeks and Romans and continuing through the Ottoman Empire.

Unlike everywhere else, this place has a unique blend of the new and the classic. You can spend the day shopping and the evening at a lovely restaurant eating delicious Turkish cuisine and dancing to Turkish music, then wake up to the sound of the Ezan, or Islamic call to prayer, in the morning. It reverberates across the rooftops, relayed from loudspeakers atop the city’s mosque minarets.

Istanbul offers great public transportation, making it simple to move around and see all of the city’s key attractions. The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia, and Topkapi Palace are all must-sees.

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