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These fruits can help you get more calcium

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It’s crucial to remember that while these fruits might help you get more calcium overall, you shouldn’t rely on them as your main calcium source. The best calcium sources are often dairy products, leafy greens, and fortified plant-based milk substitutes. A certified dietician or healthcare provider should be consulted if you have questions regarding your calcium levels in order to receive individualized guidance.


These low sugar fruits diabetics can Have

Oranges are well-known for having a lot of vitamin C, but they also have a tiny bit of calcium. A medium-sized orange has around 52 milligrammes of calcium per serving.


Kiwi fruits are loaded in nutrients, including vitamin C. They also have a tiny bit of calcium in them. The amount of calcium in one medium-sized kiwi is about 30 milligrammes.


If you’re craving something tropical, papaya is a great fruit to eat for calcium. Compared to mashed papaya, which offers roughly 46 milligrammes of calcium per cup, a cup of papaya chunks only has 29 milligrammes. About 83 milligrammes of calcium are present in every 100 grammes of dried papaya, which is a substantial quantity.


Blackberries are tasty, healthy berries that contain a number of advantageous chemicals. They also offer a tiny bit of calcium. The amount of calcium in one cup of blackberries is about 42 milligrammes.

Dried apricots

Approximately 14% of the daily recommended calcium intake, or about 72 milligrammes, is found in one cup of dried apricots that have been sliced in half. The calcium content of dried apricots is excellent. One of the best fruits that is high in calcium and helps to strengthen teeth while also acting as a fast snack is dried apricots.

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