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Exploring Samsung’s New Venture: Laptops Made in India

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Korea’s Samsung is set to begin manufacturing laptops at its Noida plant this year, TM Roh, president and head of the MX business, said Monday, adding that India was a key production manufacturing

“We will start manufacturing laptops this year at the Noida factory. Preparations are already underway,” said Roh, who is visiting India.

He added that the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is a declaration and a starting point for the mobile AI era, with the AI use cases in the devices only the beginning.

“As you are aware, mobile AI or AI itself has not been completed yet and only keeps developing to open new possibilities, experiences, and ecosystems,” said Roh.

The executive added that he foresees consumers increasingly using Galaxy AI (the suite of AI applications in the Galaxy S24 phones), and will also come up with new needs and demands.

That said, a significant amount of resources and costs have gone into developing and maintaining Galaxy AI and will continue to do so, Roh said.

“Despite the enormous resources invested as well as the costs involved in developing and providing these capabilities, we feel that it is more important for the customers to be able to enjoy the experiences and the new possibilities brought by the Galaxy AI,” Roh said, adding that this is the reason why the capabilities are being provided free of cost to customers till 2025.

The top executive said a potential business model is under discussion and no decision has been made for what happens after 2025.

“According to our analysis, there are various needs for mobile AI. So there will be consumers who will be satisfied with using the AI capabilities for free. Then there could also be customers who wish for even more powerful AI capabilities, and even pay for them. So in the future decision-making, we will consider all these factors,” Roh said.

Market trackers and industry executives have flagged a recurring revenue opportunity for smartphone brands from generative AI applications, once these capabilities secure a critical mass of users.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S24 series is among the first devices to integrate on-device generative AI capabilities that can live translate phone calls, generate summaries from long documents and audio recordings, edit out or add objects to photos, and more.

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