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Instagram introduces Quiet Mode; you can now make the app silent when necessary

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Over the past year, Instagram’s platform has changed, putting a greater emphasis on its creators and enhancing user safety through a variety of tools. In order to improve the browsing experience even further, the platform is now introducing a new Quiet Mode that will enable users to better manage the amount of time spent using the app.

Users who have Quiet Mode enabled can live their lives uninterrupted by the app because they won’t see any more notifications from it. Users can choose a new status icon for the user when Quiet Mode is enabled, too. 

Additionally, when Quiet Mode is activated, the app will automatically respond to incoming direct messages to let users know that the person they are trying to reach is not currently using the app and won’t be able to see their notifications until they do.

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What’s wonderful is that a user who exits Quiet Mode will receive a new notification letting them know what they missed. Even though Instagram’s new Quiet Mode is designed with teenagers in mind, anyone can use it to carve out more privacy when they need to step away from the app.


We first mentioned Instagram looking into new content filtering methods in the summer. New content filtering options were just made available by the company, giving users more control over what they see.

 Users can now hide content in the Explore hub, and the app will make an effort to do the same in other areas of the app.

Additionally, users will be able to filter out specific content from their suggested posts using keywords, emojis, or hashtags. Finally, the app now has Supervision Tools that adults can access, giving them more control over their child’s Instagram experience. 

Even though January has only just begun, Instagram is already offering its users helpful tools. It will be fascinating to watch how the platform changes over the following 12 months.

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