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Being stuck? How to transform into the joyful person you’ll be in the future

by OnverZe
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We frequently gripe about the way things are in our lives. It seems like we are never where we should be. This ongoing feeling of unhappiness and discontentment gives us the impression that we are standing still and not making progress toward our goals in life.

Being in this condition may be crippling. the sensation of being halted. The desire for growth, whether material or spiritual, is universal in nature. If we don’t grow, we might feel hopeless, down, and cynical.

So what do we do in response? It’s not the best idea to wake up one morning and decide to change everything about who we are. It is also not useful. We are accustomed beings. The total number of resolutions is ours to keep. But only having good intentions won no one anything.

You might not like your current job, your financial situation, or your health. Perhaps you feel inadequate because of your current romantic situation. There will never be a time in our lives when one aspect, or even all aspects, of our lives make us feel inadequate or like “losers.”

Then, are we to live out the rest of our days in this cursed situation? Are we all destined to live unhappy and unfulfilling lives? It seems that not really, though.

We can practise the art of doing and being in every area of our lives where we are struggling. We are all beginners and, at best, become amateurs over time. We must develop the patience and virtue of practising being our future selves if we want to be skilled.

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Every challenge we face in life offers us the chance to get ready and practise being the person we want to be. Every challenging situation contains wisdom. 

What irritates us also reveals what is important to us. And it’s critical to recognise what matters to us. Because the things we care about have a big impact on who we ultimately become.

Only when we are aware of where the present is leading us can we accept it. More often than not, the sensation of being stuck is an illusion. Try to recall the brief instances during your daily struggles when you even eked out a little progress. Don’t ignore the tiny gestures or the tiny lessons that are hiding profound revelations.

Every negative experience you have will enable you to develop a new skill or a new muscle. So hold on tight.

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