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Users of WhatsApp might soon be able to save messages that disappear.

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Numerous new features are being developed by WhatsApp. A new “Kept” messages feature, which will let users save quickly disappearing messages, was recently seen being tested by the messaging app. The feature is still being developed by WhatsApp and has not yet been made available to beta testers. With WhatsApp’s disappearing messages feature, users can send messages that are only visible for a limited amount of time in the chat window. Those disappearing messages can be saved, though, with the help of a kept message feature.

Wabetainfo was the first to notice the feature even though it had not yet been made available to beta testers. According to the website, kept messages are just another type of dissipating message that has been temporarily saved; as a result, it will not be automatically removed from the chat and is still visible to everyone participating in the conversation. Users will still be able to “un-keep” messages if they choose not to save them, though. The conversations will be permanently deleted from the chat once they choose the un-keep option.

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According to a screenshot provided by Wabetainfo, a kept message can be recognised by the bookmark icon, which can be found in the message bubble of disappearing messages. The symbol denotes that the message’s disappearance has been “kept.” The chat will remain in the window after the icon appears.

Even if the disappearing messages feature is enabled and the message has already expired, this icon acts as a visual cue that the message has been “kept” and will not be removed from the chat. Users can quickly distinguish between messages that are kept and those that simply vanish from the chat thanks to this feature. It’s important to note that anyone in the conversation can delete these messages at any time, according to the website.

According to the website, WhatsApp is working on adding the ability to prevent messages from dissipating in a future app update. When the feature will be accessible to users is unknown.

In related news, WhatsApp has formally launched the capability to access the messaging service during internet outages. Proxy servers have been introduced by WhatsApp, allowing users to access the messaging service.

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