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15 Latest Technologies That Will Become Mainstream In Future

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15 Latest Technologies That will become Mainstream In Future

Technology is often an evolving thing. Also, many latest technologies are coming out every year. For instance, let’s take a smartwatch, a few years ago, it was just a prototype but now there are at least four different high-quality smartwatches.

Let’s move right into knowing some other new technologies that are about to become mainstream in the future.

1. Smart Data

Nowadays, many things are becoming automated but there are a few certain things we still have to work on manually such as adding someone to your contact list in your email or on your phone. Very soon, these things will probably come to an end. There will be a point where you are just required to ask for a person’s name, and immediately, you can create a contact profile without any work on your part.

2. Smart Glasses

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With Google Glass, we’ve seen this already a little bit but that’s just the beginning. Despite getting a lot of controversy and press, Google Glass is a very young product. All the pairs are beta test units. Google will be releasing a consumer-level version for a low price in the next couple of years. Besides, competitors will be releasing smart glasses.

3. Wearable Electronics

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We already see this to a degree with the aforementioned smartwatches and Google Glass but it will get way more demand than that. Smartwatches and smart glasses are social devices that connect us to the outside world. Also, there are some other wearable electronics that connect us to our bodies. We’re talking about contact lenses that help to measure blood sugar, earbuds that measure heart rate, and temporary tattoos that can unlock doors through NFC technology.

4. Virtual reality gaming

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Most gaming fans know about the Oculus Rift, which is known to be a VR headset that can play video games. Recently, it was bought by Facebook that is working actively on turning it into a gaming device as well as a social device. Samsung is reportedly working on itself. Moreover, there will be a point where you will be able to go and buy one of these headsets, take them anywhere, and play, watch, or view anything.

5. Smart Houses

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Nowadays, we already have smart appliances like refrigerators that help you to notify when you are low on a specific food item or an oven you can control with a smartphone. Shortly, all these things will be aggregated into a home unit that you can control with your tablet, smartphone, or computer. We are talking about changing the channel on TV and changing the thermostat. Also, you can preheat the oven for dinner, and it won’t be too much longer before your house talks to you. It is just a matter of putting technology altogether in a stable manner for users/consumers.

6. Brain-Computer Interfaces

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Brain-computer interfaces already exist to a degree. People with quadriplegia have been using them for many years to talk via a computer. The technology is not as refined as it could be, but it is well on its way. In the future, there could be a point where the candidate doesn’t require a keyboard or mouse anymore. The user can just think about things and happen on the screen. It is great for people who have disabilities, gamers, and people who want to be productive.

7. Screen less Displays

These are pretty much what they should like. The screenless displays display the things without a screen. Also, this technology has come a long way in the past two years, and it is expected to make more strides in the future. Moreover, things like holograms won’t be science fiction anymore. There may be contact lenses that can shoot images very straight into the eye. Apart from a breakthrough for mediums of entertainment, people who can’t see well could enjoy things for the first time without laser surgery.

8. Digital Downloads

Some of the popular computer gaming platforms like Origins and Steam have begun distributing video games without a cartridge or a disc. With the plummeting prices of flash storage and the increasing speed of the internet and stability, all video games will certainly one day be only distributed digitally. That means no more game discs, CDs, Blue-Ray, DVDs etc. It will all be files that users download directly to their phone, TV, video game system, or MP3 player. Music and movies have pretty much done this already. Soon, it’ll be everything. It is tough to imagine, but game downloads and mainstream media have only been a thing for about 50 years now, and they have a long way to go.

9. Universally Available Services

You may have heard about Uber. It is a taxi service that you can access pretty much anywhere, and it’s in Europe and the United States with many places being planned. Uber can be a universal service. Also, there will come a time where an illiterate person calls an Uber cab no matter where he is. These kinds of services transcend continents and borders by using the magic of the internet. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in and what language you speak, you can speak the same service everywhere.

10. Biofuels & Renewable Energy

It is a known fact that we are the last living creatures who consider fossil fuels as the only energy source available on this planet. Moreover, within the next few decades, some huge strides are expected to be made in wind and solar energy. Nowadays, people are exploring potential fuel sources from everything from algae to wheat. Still, our dependence on coal and oil is steadfast, but it is just the beginning to loosen its grip. We can expect a huge push for solar panels on houses, electric cars, and many complaints from oil companies in the next decade.

11. Robots

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In the last ten years, huge strides have been made in robotic automation, and many more are expected in the coming years. We are not talking about completely intelligent robots, but for sure ones that are reliable and stable enough to start working. It will likely start with some places like assembly lines and work on their way into other facets of repetitive labor work that humans don’t want to do. We are talking about robots that are performing surgery on humans, and a technician and doctor can control that. Also, you can find demos where robots do a few things like shooting wads of paper to trash.

12. 5G Mobile Data

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Nowadays, 4G is under control in the United States, and many places across the world are still on 3G. Technology won’t stop for us. At present, 5G is in the research phase, but it has been increasingly tossed around. For sure, it takes 3 to 4 years to go from 4G to 5G.

13. Wireless Energy Transfer

The Qi wireless charging dock can allow us with few smartphones to charge their devices without using cables. Wireless energy transfer has several applications. The user will be able to just park at the charging center when electric cars are a big deal. Also, they may even establish solar-powered roads that charge cars as you drive. All these applications are just limited only by one’s wireless cell phone charging, and imagination is just the tip.

14. Graphene

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The first sheet of graphene was produced in 2004. Graphene could give us faster internet, and it is stronger than steel hence naturally it will be better for building anything. Also, we could use it as a filter for scrubbing and water that oceans clean of some toxic waste. Moreover, it could be used on smartphones to make them indestructible virtually and make the batteries obsolete. 

15. Artificial Intelligence

EU Sets Global Precedent with Landmark AI Regulations Agreement
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Let’s talk about a famous robot designed by IBM that had schooled everyone in Jeopardy, and we’ve already seen the kind of progress we have made in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Still, there is a long way to go, but we have to thank things like contextual technology like Google Now, Siri, Cortana etc.; we are getting a lot better at drawing up software that can react and predict as a real human can.


In this globalized era, technology plays a massive role in our lives. I hope this blog helps you to know the latest technologies that will become mainstream in the future. Still, you have any queries, feel free to comment in the below section. 

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