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Restaurant in the US claims a “ghost” triggered its motion detection alarms, shares Video

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Before Halloween, a US eatery shocked everyone with a chilling assertion. The restaurant claimed that a ghost had triggered its motion detection alarms. The establishment even posted CCTV footage, stating that a’mist-like’ entity seen on the recording proves a poltergeist is present on their property.

The Library Restaurant, based in New Hampshire, USA, posted the video and an explanation of the occurrence on Facebook. The restaurant also said that setting off the alarms resulted in a response from the neighborhood police.

“The ghosts in the Library basement of our building, the Rockingham, are particularly well-known. Our motion detector alarms INSIDE the building were triggered by this camera motion that was captured on video in the dead of night outside the window last night for the very first time. The Library Restaurant wrote, “The motion detectors inside cannot observe what the camera outside sees.

It’s not the car’s lights, as you can see when other people are picked up, and there isn’t any horizontal breeze blowing. What else might this be? Whatever you want to make of it, this has never happened before. Strange coincidence given the season? P.S. Our Police are awesome, arriving to investigate everything in a record-breaking 1:18.

The first scene in the video is a nighttime street in front of the restaurant. It captures what appears to be smoke moving in front of the lens.

Check out this video, which the restaurant claims depicts a "ghost":

A few days ago, the article was shared. It has received several likes and views since then. The video has also gathered a variety of responses from viewers. People submitted a variety of thoughts, from expressing wonder to expressing doubt.

So the smell of (smoke?) wasn’t just in the air outside but also permeated the building as well? Was that what triggered the inside motion detectors? (not the flashing lights or the headlights of cars), am I right? That’s creepy,” a Facebook user commented. Another said, “It looks like smoke.” “A poltergeist may be seen passing by the camera. Very cool, a third person said. “So, are we going to discuss the jump cut in the video when the ‘ghost’ appears? Or that the timecode jumps from 02:29:30 to 02:31:04 in the top right corner? But sure, very true, paranormal activity “caught on camera,” said a fourth.

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