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Ancient Maya tomb found during tourist train project

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According to the most recent discovery, archaeologists in Mexico have discovered elaborately decorated human bones in a burial that may be more than 1,000 years old. According to the nation’s national antiquities institution INAH, this finding took place in a region where work on a big tourist train project was nearly finished.

Ancient Maya tomb found during tourist train project

This discovery was made amid continuing archaeological salvage work that took place in southern Mexico alongside the building of a multibillion-dollar tourist train project. The main goal of this initiative is to draw visitors to the many historic Maya monuments in southern Mexico as well as the surrounding well-known beach resorts like Cancun and Tulum.

The Maya Train is a railway project that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador considers to be the most important for economic growth. In order to prevent building from being slowed down, it has provided significant financing to teams of archaeologists who are methodically performing digs. In contrast, funding cuts have been made to archaeological initiatives in other parts of the nation.

The most recent find was made while building a hotel close to the renowned Palenque Maya ruins in the state of Chiapas. One of the greatest and most developed urban centres of the ancient Maya civilisation was formerly located in Palenque. 

The city’s central area, which has majestic temples and a sizable palace complex, is around 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) from where the skeleton remains were discovered. These remains most likely belonged to a wealthy city dweller known as Lakamha in pre-Maya society.

The researchers also found two greenstone beads, ear flares, three pottery jars, and the stone box itself. The body was buried face up, with the head pointing north, according to INAH. It will be necessary to do more tests to determine the person’s exact age and other details.

The ancient Maya civilisation is credited with producing important works of art, architecture, astronomy, and literature. Between between 300 and 900 AD, Palenque, along with countless other ancient towns dispersed over southern Mexico and parts of Central America, prospered.

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