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Top tech gift to give this festive season

by OnverZe
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It is a universally acknowledged fact that a person with good taste must desire a cool gadget… Okay, we hope that was a good Pride and Prejudice riff, and yet Jane Austen is probably looking down at us, thinking: “Am I expected to understand what a gadget is?” Indeed, we live in a different era, and the world is now practically made of technology that is evolving far too quickly for us to keep up—technology in our hands, over our eyes, in our homes, on our kitchen counters, in our dreams, and so on. 

We purchase cool gadgets for ourselves because they are extremely useful. But we also buy them for the people we care about because they are extremely useful. As a result, this year, get cool tech gifts for everyone on your shopping list.

Below are the best tech gifts are tuned to everyone and anyone.

Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector (Buy now)

So the Marvel Cinematic Universe, House of the Dragon, or The Real Housewives follows them wherever they go—the woods, the beach, the Himalayas. Really, the sky’s the limit—oh, wait, that’s also true.

Smart Writing Set (Buy now)

Brilliant ideas flow more easily when a pen and paper are nearby. And when those ideas can be transferred from pen and paper to digital devices, brilliance will become commonplace.

Oura Ring Generation 3 (Buy now)

This ring accurately tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, and activity, then provides insight and guidance based on what it tracks, making it one of the smartest health wearables to be released in recent years. That’s quite an engineering feat, given how discreet it is.

Temperature Control Smart Mug (Buy now)

Coffee tastes better when it’s hot, and this clever mug can keep it that way for up to an hour and a half per charge. The simple Ember app allows a coffee drinker to adjust the degrees to their liking, as well as change the settings for espresso, tea, and other beverages.

Smart Moon Lamp (Buy now)

All the cool technology and gadgetry they’ve seen can’t compete with the freaking moon. Allow them to reach for it. It will come to life on cloudy, moonless nights.

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