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Gardening Tricks You’ve Never Heard Of

by OnverZe
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Although gardening may be a satisfying activity, occasionally using conventional methods can get boring. Here are novel gardening suggestions to liven up your routine:

Use coffee grounds

For plants that enjoy acidic soil, such as tomatoes, blueberries, and azaleas, coffee grounds are a wonderful fertiliser. Just scatter the discarded coffee grinds around the plants’ bases.

Plant upside down

Hanging plants in a container upside down, such as tomatoes or peppers, is known as “upside down gardening.” This technique can save up space while also giving plants improved airflow and drainage.

Grow food in a variety of containers

Try growing food in unusual containers, such as worn-out wheelbarrows, boots, or even an ancient tree trunk that has been hollowed out. This can help you recycle used things and give your yard more aesthetic flair.

Plant herbs together

Herbs may be arranged in a container to make an eye-catching and useful herb garden. Additionally, this technique can aid to ward off pests and enhance soil health.

Use eggshells

To add calcium and other minerals to soil, crush eggshells. Slugs and snails can be repelled naturally as pests by using them.

Fill your veggie garden with flowers

Planting flowers in your vegetable garden, such as marigolds or nasturtiums, may draw helpful insects and ward against pests. They may also enhance the beauty and colour of your yard.

Create a no-dig garden

Instead of tilling the soil, a no-dig garden layers organic stuff like compost and leaves on top of it. This can decrease weed growth and enhance soil health.

Use Epsom salt

Magnesium and sulphur from epsom salt may be applied to soil to help plants grow and flourish. Additionally, it functions as a natural weed killer and insecticide.

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