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During a live match in Turkey, a fan attacks the goalkeeper with a corner flag and suffers a hemorrhage

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During a live football match between Goztepe and Altay in Turkey, a fan assaulted the latter’s goalkeeper with the corner flag as a weapon. The player who was attacked was Ozan Evrim Ozenc, and the incident occurred while a fan was receiving treatment after being injured by a flare thrown by another section of the crowd.

The fan was carried out of the venue on a stretcher and into an ambulance, the image of which quickly went viral on social media. The fan was treated on the sidelines while Ozenc received the blow, and the game was called off. The goalkeeper was standing outside his penalty area, watching the situation as he waited for the action to resume. Then a fan rushed up behind him and hit him with the flag.

According to reports, Ozenc was taken to the hospital after suffering a haemorrhage and a four-centimetre hole in his head. The fan struck the goalkeeper twice before being stopped by security and a few fans. He was also tackled to the ground in order to prevent him from fleeing.

After the incidents on the field and in the stands, the game was called off in the 25th minute.

“We wish our fans, who were seriously injured by a flare fired from the Altay away stand, a speedy recovery,” hosts Goztepe said on Twitter. “Those who caused these events, WE WANT HIM TO BE TRIED WITH THE SEVERE PENALTY!” the statement continued.

The Turkish Football Federation was also made aware of the incident and issued an official statement condemning the turn of events.

“We condemn the events of the TFF 1st League match between Göztepe and Altay in Izmir, as well as the heinous attack on Altay goalkeeper Ozan Evrim zenç.”

“While the struggle of two eminent clubs in Izmir’s football competition is expected to turn into a feast; this type of behaviour by aggressors who have not had their share of the spirit of Fair Play and the unifying culture of sports, endangering human life, is absolutely unacceptable.”

“TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi immediately called the presidents of the two clubs, received information, and conveyed his condolences to the Göztepe and Altay communities.

“We are deeply saddened that some football fans were injured as a result of a flare thrown during the match, which had to be postponed due to the events. While we wish the injured football fans a speedy recovery, we also wish Altay goalkeeper Ozan Evrim zenç, who was subjected to the attacker’s violence, a speedy recovery.

“Necessary proceedings and investigations into the Göztepe – Altay encounter have been initiated.” As the Turkish Football Federation, we will also monitor the incident’s legal proceedings. “We respectfully present it to the public’s attention,” said the statement.

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